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DRS Hadland Photonics, Ltd. (originally, John Hadland Photographic Instrumentation Ltd.) was founded in 1956 in Bovingdon, England by John Hadland. Later bought by DRS technologies.

Now the Electro-Optical Systems Group integrates advanced commercial technology with military requirements to design and manufacture advanced electro-optical sighting, targeting, weapons and aircraft optical alignment systems, high-speed digital imaging systems, and optical assemblies and components used primarily in the aerospace and defence industries.

The Group is a world leader in ultra high-speed digital imaging systems for a variety of industrial, laboratory and military applications and in military aircraft boresighting equipment. The Group also produces night vision and directional devices, as well as eye-safe, laser-based products for military and industrial purposes.

DRS Hadland developed the world's first improved Image Converter Framing Camera which could take pictures at framing speeds greater than 600 Million Frames per second and Streak Cameras with time resolution less than 1 picoseconds.

DRS Hadland continues to be the world's leading manufacturer of high speed cameras and still manufactures the world's fastest framing and streak cameras.